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82.VEERAM (TAMIL,2014)


                            VEERAM-An Electrifying Festival Movie.
       The pairing up of mass movie director Siva and Ajith provided us with an action packed movie in a family background.An entertainer which had all the stuffs to be a treat for  Ajithkumar fans.Rather than that,he gave up his stylish,hi-fi,villainous appearances in  movies like Billa Series,Mankatha and Aarambham came up with a dhothi-clad angry,but sensible man in Veeram.This movie,unlike his previous flicks gave importance to family emotions,comedy and songs.The screen presence of Thala was the huge factor of making this a super entertainer.The punch dialogues in the movie were a huge factor of applause from the fans.Everyone seems to be enjoying those punch dialogues in the movie.

 The salt and pepper styled Ajith's screen presence really pumped up the audiences. The comedy division of the movie was handled by Santhanam.The background music done by DSP was phenomenal.The title track Veeram when played in the background of action and mass sequences were the real adrenaline pumping part in the movie.The movie was paced up like a wave whose frequency rises at times and then slows down.But then there will be a high frequency when Ajith fills up the screen.A movie exclusively crafted for Ajithkumar and Siva did a great job for that.

The story of the movie is as follows.Ajithkumar,from his recent movies  had moulded himself into a well settled village guy named  Vinayakam, a local businessman living with his brothers.They were always in a mood to do fights with the villains and they even enjoyed it.He made a perfect team with his brothers, enacted by Bala,Vidharth,Munish and Suhail. Vinayakam cared his brothers very much that he was even reluctant to marry himself or let his brothers marry.According to him,when a girl comes to their life they would be separated.But 2 off his brothers were in love.They made a plan with the help of their advocate,enacted by Santhanam  to make Vinayakam agree for a marriage and so that they could later make him agree for their marriage.Their plans made them to find Thamanna,whose name of the character in the movie had a nostalgia with Vinayakam's childhood.When Vinayakam met up with Thamanna,later he found out that he had a new mission in his hands. It was a time when he opted to gave up his angry man get up for Thamanna's interest.The rest of the movie narrates how he could manage his new mission and the causes and reasons of his new avtar.

  Veeram have all that a Tamil mass entertainer could offer during a festival season.In such movies,its a habit of not having importance to stories.These movies are exclusively made to entertain fans.But Veeram offers something for the families to watch out.A deliberate effort was made from Director for the movie to reach the families too rather than the previous movies of Ajith,which were exclusively made for his young fans.So in a festival mood family entertainer addition of love scenes,comedy and songs are much essential.But the negative part of this movie came up with that part.

 The romantic sequences,the so called comedy scenes and the songs dragged this nearly three hour movie a bit.Sometimes these scenes seemed to be a not so needed stuff for the movie.Ajith's dance,as usual was not impressive and the love scenes with Thamanna was also felt as not so impressive.But the charm and charisma of Ajith was too high that he surpassed all these traits that had to be done with the physical appearance.Veeram remembered us of  STR's Saravana and director Siva's Chiruthai during the blood filled action sequences,mainly with those axes handled by the villains.

  With mixed responses for the  multi star movie released along, Veeram have a great chance to top up the Box office and get a long run.This movie is not at all a copy of Malayalam movie Valiyettan,except for the 5 brothers as rumored.Go for Veeram if you also want to be in a festival mood.I rate it as a 3.5/5 ,a good rating for a festival entertainer.

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