Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Roman J. Esrael,Esq.:Denzel and Dan could make better movies,except for an Oscar Nomination!!

Denzel Wahington got yet another Oscar Nomination for Roman J. Esrael, Esq.That's it!!There is nothing to describe more about the movie which was expected to be a better one.Considering the life of Roman J. Esrael,a man with a not so common name the movie seems OK.But there are many flaws at the same time.Like,the prime factor which was talking about in the movie the whole time.The call for revolution against the various discriminations ,especially the one based on color.The characterization of Roman was far from what he was preaching all the way,particularly in shooting case he handled.

  Alright,it might be about a man who makes mistakes and realize them later.If that is the situation,then this movie have nothing more to show-off.It will be an average 'cliche'd movie. Denzel seemed to be very uncomfortable with his new look for the movie.A man who remained all his life in the office to do the paper work even though he was a lawyer.His partner was the public face of the legal firm.But when he had a heart attack,Roman had to start looking for a new job and he came to meet George Pierce(Collin Ferrel),a successful lawyer.Though there were contradictions in what each of 'em believes, George wanted Roman to work for him due to his unique abilities.But Roman,being a man who narrates his title Esquire as one above the 'Gentleman" and one below the "Knighthood" was not appropriate for the modern legal firms.

  Finalizando:The movie appeared to be an average one ,mainly due to the vague story line,which had never expected from the director of Nightcrawler,Dan Gilroy and Denzel Washington.Actually,it's not a bad attempt.But the expectations at the Oscars might make it a mediocre one.'Coz,the ones who worked for the movie could make better flicks!!

Roman J.Esrael,Esq


iMHV Ratings:✪✪✫

Director: Dan Gilroy
Writer: Dan Gilroy
Stars: Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell, Carmen Ejogo


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