Tuesday, 30 January 2018


    Shoot'em Up: Story of Guns,Goons,Carrot and a Baby!!

  Mr.Smith(Clive Owen) knows to shoot a gun in every f****ng way!!He shots fire even with his fingers.He is even a doctor who could  deliver a baby during gun fights and even cuts the umbilical cord with a gun.He even  triggers a shot while sliding through the oil marks he made by shooting the fuel tank of a car.Mr.Smith is someone who is everyone.'Shoot 'em Up' is a movie about guns.A movie centered around Mr.Smith as someone saying his name as Smith,Mr.Smith.There is neither a second name nor a last name.It all started with Mr.Smith seeing someone trying to kill a pregnant woman.Then there is nothing,except gun fights,gun fights with baby on his hand,gun fight during sex.Count it!!!You won't see anything other than it in Shoot 'em Up.

   The movie is like a Toon or a Video Game and it's all about Mr.Smith.He had a counter-part too in Hertz who could even calculate the complete situation.Yes,Shoot 'em Up is like this.One can narrate a story of the movie,which is not that much impressive.But it's all about the scenes.A higher version of some Sacha Baron flicks with a masked serious presentation.Actually,the movie is like a comics.Anything can happen with exaggeration.Someone can claim it to be a spoof of all the movies ever made.But,a cinematic exact version of comics is what describes the movie better.There are some scenes like jumping off an aircraft and releasing the parachute later,that too during a fight.Some guy with sense might go for the logic in the movie.But he sure is wrong,if he claim to find a logic.But Shoot 'em Up is a perfect entertainer or something more than that.Monica Bellucci as Dona did a 'meat'eous role.Just Belluccian Things!!

Finalizando;Shoot 'Em Up is multifarious movie which can't be just classified in a particular genre.It's a higher version of all the Tarantino movies stuffed together.In my opinion,it's not a must watch.'Coz,if one's logic starts working it could be rated as the worst movie ever.But this movie is something,may be GOD as it can't be expressed by mere alphabets!!

Shoot 'em Up


iMHV Ratings:✫✫✫

Director: Michael Davis
Writer: Michael Davis
Stars: Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, Paul Giamatti


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