Tuesday, 30 January 2018


'Tumhari Sulu' :Story of Sulu who fought to reach her dreams!!

  Indian culture is weird,especially with it's traditional concepts on women.Restrictions are imposed for them in a society which is having male domination in every field.It's a disheartening attitude followed by majority of the families over the ages.Though there are instances of contradicting observances,they are too little to go on with the majority.'Tumhari Sulu' is the story of  a woman Sulochana(Vidya Balan) who dreams about a life for her.Though she never falls in the category of a blind-folded feminist who hates everything.

    Sulochana on the other hand,loves to be on the median between the 2 attitudes of the society.She wanted to support her family along with realizing her dreams.She thinks of herself as a champion.Even though,she didn't have a traditional degree,she was not ready to be the so-called-house wife.She always digs deep to find her opportunities.One day,the wonder happened and she became an RJ.Not a mediocre one,but RJ popular with her night show 'Tumhari Sulu'.Now the villain came in the form of family.The restrictions which she was trying to put behind her started attacking her at a later stage.A simple story line,but with a serious note on how most of the traditional Indian families functions with the so called ties of relationships.Manav Kaul as Ashok(husband of Sulu),Neha Dupia as Maria and Vijay Maurya as Pankaj did their roles well.

Finalizando:Watch the movie for the beautiful Vidya Balan as Sulochana.She really scored up in her role as Sulu.The movie was fun at times and without much complexities,it ends on light note,as expected.

Tumhari Sulu


iMHV Ratings:✪✪✪


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