Tuesday, 30 January 2018


  Simran;The story of Sandeep Kaur with a note"Tick Tick,I have a bomb"

   Sandeep Kaur,an NRI nurse got her media attention when she was revealed as the 'Bombshell Bandit' by the US Police.'Simran',the Kangana starred movie is a fictional representation of the Story of Sandeep Kaur.The name is changed to Praful patel for the sake of the movie along with her profession altered to a house keeping staff in a Hotel.The circumstances sometimes makes someone a criminal.But how can one become a criminal due to their foolishness?And that too adapting never heard simple way of bank robbery in life?

  Praful Patel,daughter of traditional Gujarati parents had an ambition to own her house in US.Praful,who was divorced tried to make money for it along with a bank mortgage.But her fate had other ways.Her trip to Los Vegas shattered all her plans.She won at first at the Casino,then lost her money,then tried to get them back.Along with this,she owed money from lenders,This led her to rob banks.Here,instead of heavily planned heists with hi-fi weapons and plans,she just used a piece of paper,lipstick and some mediocre make up.

  The story looked promising all over.But on the screen,it was not.The director and the crew  failed miserably to bring life to the movie.While,Kangana tried her best to enact the role of Sandeep Kaur to Praful Patel.But she was not even supported by her co-stars who seemed to be acting in an Indian soap opera.With all the confusions caused by Kangana with her personal remarks,it appears that Kangana won't be able to share screen with familiar names for the time being I think.Or else,with a better screenplay and actors Simran had everything to be a 'Queen'.

Finalizando:Except the story and Kangana,what entertained me was her dialogue at the end where he thought about the usual Indian girl.Oh man!!That is something everyone needs to face an caught up in an act if living outside India.Simran is a movie which failed to make a mark with it's flawed execution.



iMHV Ratings:✪✪

Director: Hansal Mehta
Writers: Apurva Asrani
Stars: Kangana Ranaut, Sohum Shah, Esha Tewari


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