Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Kurangu Bommai:The story on how the bag with monkey face became important in the life of some people!!

 It all started when Sundaram(Bharathiraja),an old-aged loyal man of Ekambaram,a local Don carried something of value form Thanjavur to Chennai.'Kurangu Bommai' is a non-linear representation of all the incidents that happened before his travel to Chennai and after. Kathir(Vidharth),Sundaram's son who is a taxi driver got mixed up in events that follow unknowingly.He was joined by an ambitious local thief who was exploring easy ways to become rich.The movie then follows bloodshed and later became a revenge thriller.

   Most of the people try to survive their life by toiling hard each day.While,there are some who awaits their one shot of their life.But Karma becomes a bitch a times and waits for them.'Kurangu Bommai' takes a turn at one point of time and towards the end it became a perfect revenge thriller.The legendary director Bharathiraja was a perfect for the role of Sundaram.,One would remember his sharp narrations during most of his movies.But here,he enacted Sundaram according to requirements of the role.One would feel sympathy on his character,especially when he narrated his story on how he joined Ekambaram.Vidarth is a specialist in these type of roles.Especially his role Kathir was quite similar to that of 'Kuttrame Dhandanai'.The movie was unpredictable at times and later with the non-linear narration,lots of mysterious flavors were added and when the dots were connected it took a fast paced turn to end as revenge thriller.

Finalizando:'Kurangu Bommai' is a flawlessly designed revenge thriller which will hook up the viewers to their seats for the thrilling experience!!

Kurangu Bommai

iMHV Rating;✪✪✪✪

Director: Nithilan
Writers: Madonne Ashwin , Nithilan
Stars: Bharathiraja,Kathir, Delna Davis


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