Monday, 15 January 2018


Aramm (Tamil,2017)



  Aramm ,directed by Gopi Nainar with Nayanthara is about a rescue mission by a Collector to save a kid who accidentally fell and trapped in a bore-well.The movie started off with Nayanthara as   Madhivadhani IAS being interrogated by her superior officer.Right from there,statements were made on the socio-political scenario in India.The politicians who never show any consideration for those who voted for them was seen all over the movie.Her conflicts between those who rule made her to take decision on her career,while the Superior Officer had to take some stern actions on how she worked during the emergency situation,under political influences.

  When Dhanishka,the daughter of Yugendran and Sumathi lived in a Village,where water valued more than anything.The scarcity of water made the Villagers to raise protest against the government.During one hot day,Dhanishka got trapped into a bore-well.The movie focuses on the a developing India,where achievements in Science and Technology makes everyone proud in one side while,there are no necessary devices to do rescue services in such cases.When surplus amount of money is spend on Rocket launching and all,no care is given to these issues.Though the statement looks negative with political considerations from the film maker,attempts were there to explain the situations as a talk-show in  a news channel.The movie then focus on the risky rescue attempts under the supervision of the Collector.They failed at times,never had the villagers believe them.But Madhivadhani was confident abou saving the life Dhanishka. Dramatic incidents lead to the actions towards the climax.

 Finalizando:Aramm describes the 2 faces of social conditions in India and from the climax,one could doubt that a sequel is on the cards.Aramm is a good attempt to show off the inequalities in a society which promises equality for all.Moreover,the movie rather than the initial parts narrated the horror without much compromises that were seen in a normal Tamil movie.After his allegations on a story theft of the Kaththi movieGopi Nainar made a brave attempt to make one in a big canvas.Go for it!!

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