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Director: Arun Prabhu Purushothaman
Writer: Arun Prabhu Purushothaman
Stars: Aditi Balan, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Shwetha Shekar

Awe-inspiring reviews from a majority of the viewers made me to watch the movie with high hopes.But,initially the movie was a bit confused.At times,felt it like a coming of age movie of a girl from a village who had to shift to a bigger city due to her dad's job.The scenes leading to interrogation was too mysterious to begin with.There were some incomplete statements in between.Most of those statements were flashbacks.I thought that I missed something and had to rewind the video.Then,a question came.What is so special about this movie which made it a sensation last year?

  These were my impressions of the movie 'Aruvi' at start.But when the 'Green Room' was transformed to 'Interval' in the movie,I was absolutely stunned by what I just saw on the screen.An amazing work by Arun prabhu Purushothaman,which made viewers confused,mysterious and thrilled at times until interval was about a cause which needed attention from the society all the time.A theme,which was always narrated as a near to documentary type ,brimful with over sentiments got unveiled in a contemporary way.

 Aruvi(Aditi Balan) ,born and lived as a normal girl who was loved by her parents and brother got into trouble at a certain period of her life.It wasn't her fault,but there was none to believe her.Then she left her family and started a way of living in her on way and terms,later to be  caught up into some situations.Then she reacted to all the misfortunes and hatred she had to bear in her life in a unique way
.Sorry,the story can't be too elaborated than this.'Coz,'Aruvi' is a movie which demands actual movie experience.If one is unaware of the story,this is an absolute piece of breathtaking experience.this movie will tickle your sense of thrill,mystery ,downcast and even make you laugh at times.

Last Word: Aditi Balan enacted her role so brilliantly that one wouldn't surprise if she gets some Elite Awards for the role.The movie really deserves more appreciation form the nation,as it concerns everyone.Buckle up to watch one of the best movies of our time,if you haven't watched it yet.

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