Sunday, 7 January 2018


Some Guy Who Kills People(English,2011)



Director: Jack Perez
Writer: Ryan A. Levin (as Ryan Levin)
Stars: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black

This is all about Ken,a 34 year old guy who had to suffer alot in his life.Bullying by his team mates during his teens and a break-up after a week of dating made him found his home in a mental asylum for a period.He now lives with his mom,works in an ice cream parlour with an exasperating boss and no serious relations except a friend Irv.

  He always had a grudge on the one's who made his life miserable.And things started happening in his small town. The one's responsible for his pathetic life were murdered one by one with a machete,hatchet and a butcher knife.The Sheriff,who dates Ken's mom was in charge of the murder investigation.Meanwhile,to his surprise a girl claimed to be his daughter showed up and also got an unexpected date.

     The disdain faced by a character and his progress to redemption may be a motif in many mawkish flicks.But this one is smeared with blood for the way to attain absolution.

 Final Note:Some guy who kills won't kill you.Go for it!!

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