Thursday, 4 January 2018


Mom (Hindi,2017)



Director: Ravi Udyawar
Writer: Girish Kohli
Stars: Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui

Nirbhaya is just not a name in India.It stands for the pain and the failure of duties and cruelness towards the women. Nirbhaya never wanted sympathy from her society,but just a simple sense of humanity.The rape cases are still happening ,without an end.Mom is a movie which remembers us that 'Nirbhayas' still exists as 'prey' within our constitution.

  The loop holes in the law proved to make things worse for Arya (Sajal Ali),a school girl in her teens who was brutally raped by a gang consisting of her classmate.Her step-mom Devki Sabarwal(Sreedevi) was never ready to stop her fight.She had her own ways.It was not about justice,but way to attain it.She also want to prove some thing to Arya,who calls her Ma'am even at home.

    Devki ,with the help of DK (Nawasudeen),a private detective targeted the culprits in unique ways.She never thought about modern laws of justice and made sure that the culprits got their comeuppances.Mean while,Francis (Akshay Khanna) ,who previously handled Arya's case sniffs some thing with the callous deeds around him.

  There is no mystery element in the movie,but its surely a thriller which callsfor a debate upon the whole scenario.The tribal laws of justice ,according to many needs to be implied on such incidents.At least,the affected has a sense of disapproval  towards the modern laws.

 Debutant Ravi Udayawar,treated a sensitive subject sensibly,without taking off its signifance for the movie part and executed it brilliantly.Though,the appearance of Nawasudeen as DK appeared to be ersatz,he fared well in the role. Akshay Khanna also did well as the investigation officer.ARRs music added to the core feeling of the movie.Totally,the movie as a revenge-thriller is a good watch for its viewers or can be described 'Toppissime'

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