Thursday, 4 January 2018



Hitman's Bodyguard




Director: Patrick Hughes
Writer: Tom O'Connor
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman

The Hitman's Bodyguard' has got everything.From the 'car''toon'ish gun fights,revenge,full packed action,Ryan Rynolds and Samuel L Jackson.Both the actors are in a mood to make it large with both foul-mouthed talks and fun-filled sequences!!

"This guy single-handedly ruined the word mother f***er!!  That explains the total spirit of the movie in a single dialogue!!

  The story is simple and plain as a pikestaff.A hitman, Kincaid (Samuel LJ) is on a run to Hague to give his testimony against an European dictator warlord Dukhovich (Gary Oldman) ,notorious for his genocidal murders.Though ,the Interpol provided everything for Kincaid to reach the Hague,a mysterious 'mole' inside the operations failed their ideas.Then,Michael Bryce (Ryan),'once-a-celebrated' body guard to take him to Hague within a short time span.

 The good thing comes then.Both Kincaid and Michael were long time rivals as both had different job roles in their field of operation.One was trying to protect his clients while the other consistantly tried to kill them.Apart from this,their rivalry had a mysterious part to find out from the movie itself.

 Salma Hayek plays as Kincaid's sexy- heart-throb.The way they fell in love was both naughty and stylish with a petty fight in a bar.Amelia (Elodie Young) is another important character who worked as an Interpol official.She played a pivotal role in bringing the "rivals" together.Were they be able to work together?Watch the rest of this adventurous,action, comedy


  Overall,the movie is an unlimited package of entertainment.Those who have time to watch movies and spend some time  without any other effort rather than have a small smile in scenes between,this movie suits you!!Watch it for the boisterous Samuel LJ and Ryan...

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