Thursday, 4 January 2018


The Foreigner



Director: Martin Campbell
Writers: David Marconi (screenplay by), Stephen Leather (based on the novel "The Chinaman" by)
Stars: Katie Leung, Jackie Chan, Rufus Jones

  Who is unassertive of the actor-duo by the likes of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan?'The Foreigner' bestows an answer.May be Martin Campbell,the director of the movie 'The Foreigner' seems to be. The movie is based on a novel by 'Stephen Laether' by the name 'The China-man'.The first impressions of the movie trailer revealed that  there were less chances of it becoming a usual Jackie or Brosnan movie.

   Plot of the movie is blended with political tensions and terrorism.Apart from the usual Hollywood flicks,the movie concentrated much to the Irish terrorism.At last,a movie without Russian mafia sponsored  terrorism or  Islamic terrorism.An old immigrant in London named Minh(JC)) drove his daughter to a shopping centre and a near-by bomb explosion resulted her death in London.

  The controversial IRA (Irish Republican Army) claimed responsibility for tr he bombing.Then Minh,who lost his 2 daughters before in attack by Thai pirates had to leave his only surviving relative due to her death.Now he is on a killing spree. He is filled with vengeance.He tried his ways to reach the killer,but in vain.Then he came to know about Hennesey(Pierce Brosnan) ,Deputy-Prime Minister an antecedent supporter of IRA.The cat and mouse game then started.

 Plot looked promising in every aspect with both the stars had space to perform.But instead of that,the movie showcased more on a plain story line which effected in mediocore output.Still there are glimpses of JC displaying his stunts at times.Yet Brosnan was felt sidelined with his wrongdoer role.

  Watch it for the great stars sharing a screen.In the end,it became another  'Broken City' which was spoiled by the manner it was executed.I felt both the movies same as both 'em missed the x-factor to thrill the audience.

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