Thursday, 4 January 2018




Director: Craig Gillespie
Writer: Steven Rogers (screenplay)
Stars: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney

 'I,Tonya' is not a female version of Rocky or any other similar sports flick.It is not even a 'Million Dollar Baby' .Yet,it's a sports ,bio movie.A movie which depicted the real life of a girl who made headlines with her attitude and incidents in life more than her expertise in figure skating.

 A girl Tonya(Margot Robbie as the grown up),born as the the 5th child of La Vona Golden(Allison Janney) from her 5th husband .LaVona molded her into a fine athlete,but by odd ways like ill-treating her with abuse and severe beating at times.She was a wonder lady during her initial times on the rink.These all made Tonya be more stubborn than a normal girl of her age.Later she got into a relation with Jeff(Sebastian Stan).This raised problems between the mom and Tonya.Tonya later had a pretty odd life.

  From being the first ever US figure skating lady to perform a 3 and a half axle to an athlete who became notorious of her un-ethical sportsmanship,Tonya's life had everything on her cards.The movie directed by Craig Gillespie ,who himself directed a movie on Cricket ,Million Dollar Arm followed a different way of story telling this time The movie narrated as a mockumentary style interviews of the characters and their views on various incidents.

 Laudable perfo from Margot Robbie and Allison Janey stood special among 'em all.Tonya had to suffer a lot in her life,both verbally and physically.That too,from the one's whom she loved most part of her life,her Mom and husband.But she never cared for thosebthings more than an extend.All she knew was skating.She might be talented,had her moments.But she was away from apogee of her career.

Watch it for sumptuous perfo from the lead actors and for a melange of sports and drama!!

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