Thursday, 4 January 2018


What Happened To Monday? a.k.a 7 Sisters




Director: Tommy Wirkola
Writers: Max Botkin, Kerry Williamson
Stars: Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Willem Dafoe

"What happened to Monday" a.k.a "7 Sisters" is yet another Netflix movie released recently.The theme of the movie seems a much 'cliched' one ,particularly discussing the dystopian worlds,as often mentioned in most of the Hollywood flicks.The story follows the same straight pattern of 'world about to be destroyed-saviour-dramatic format.The trenchant factor which makes the movie worth watching is the provocative thought that lies towards the end of the movie.

   The mammoth population increase compelled the authorities to take stern decisions for the survival of humanity.Mostly,due to genetic disorders the new births were more in pairs.The alarming rise in population lead to a new law.Couples are allowed to give birth to single kid and when there are more kids,the officials will take them and preserve in a cryogenic environment.The process was to give them a proper life when the poverty and scarcity of food comes under control.

  Meanwhile,a mother gave birth to septuplets and soon after the delivery she was dead leaving them with her dad Terrence Settmann (Willem Dafoe).According to the law ,he could keep one and leave the rest to  cryogenic preservation.But he had his own ideas.He decided to take care of  'em secretly in his apartment.He re-modified his place,gave the girls name denoting the days of a week as Sunday to Saturday.He taught them how to save themselves from the authorities,provided  education and even made a schedule for them to go out to the world outside.Each of 'em can go out according to the week-day which represented their name.

  It's 30 years after the birth of the septuplets.Upbraid on the cryogenic preservation existed among the citizens.Mean while,a sense of umbrage among the grown up septuplets,provided their grand dad is no more to keep 'em calm.They have an identity by the name Karen Settmann and the "identical-looking' ladies live their life for a day every week.It's a crucial time in their life with career and on a Monday, the Monday girl Karen Settmann never came back.This changed the whole scenario.Then comes the question.What happened to Monday?

   Then the movie's mystery part is slowly revealed through the turpitude attitude of authorities,the emotions,the alter ego and defiant nature of the Karen Settmanns.The trite already created confusion and the surreptitious nature of cryogenic preservation slowly builds up it's own cast around everyone.

Noomi Rapace did justice to her alter ego portrait of characters.At the end,when the mysteries are revealed raising up a question in the minds of viewers.This action-packed movie maintains an identity for itself with theme,resulting from the mysterious surroundings it covered.I still think that there is more room for movies narrating the dystopian worlds in the future too,provided with better execution. The movie ends on a note "Who was right and who was wrong?Actually ,is there an alternative way to face this problem effectively??"

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