Friday, 6 February 2015


291.AADU-ORU BHEEKARA JEEVI AANU(MALAYALAM,2015),Dir:Midhun manuel,*ing:-Jayasurya,Sunny Wayne,Vinayakan.

   The expectation for this movie grossed after announcing a strange name for the film.Even the movie name had a hype and it even increased a lot during the trailer release.The trailer was so heavy that expectations for a normal social-media-movie buff was peak.So it is obvious that many people were ready to watch the movie for the first day shows.The director of the movie Midhun had his moments in social media,gaining the support from top groups on movies.In his directorial debut after scripting for Om Shanti Oshana he was thus able to gain popularity among youngsters for his movie.

  The above given description was all about how a movie could gain publicity at zero-cost.Midhun had his ways for that.And this surely reflected in theater status today.Viewers for the movie took their seats in theaters with such thoughts.The movie started and it was real fun at the initial stages of the film.There were moments to enjoy during this period.Jayasurya as Shaji Pappan  stole the show during this time.But he was well supported by Saiju Kurup,Dharmajan and Co.The light and fun moments after the Tug-Of-War competition and their new companion paved way for a good movie.At least a normal viewer expected so.

  The first half  ended up and later it all flipped over during the second half.A huge star cast provided with separate BGM's for each one was refreshing at first.But later it became an irritation.But that won't mean that the BGM was bad,instead it became a burden for the movie.So even a 2 hour 20 minute movie dragged towards the climax.That was the major thing that took place during the second half.The team got a handful of comedians in modern Malayalam cinema along with some stars like Sunny Waynes,Jayasurya etc.But the second half literally ruined the whole show.

  The performances by most of the stars were up to the mark except Vijay Babu's role as Police.His acting was a bit on the lower side or he was not apt for the role.But the ones who scored in this movie were Jayasurya,Vinayakan and Saiju.They had their moments in the movie.In all,the movie was yet an another attempt to create a new genre of movies in Malayalam cine field.But it ended up with a not so good movie except the first half.

NB:-This is only a personal opinion and as some people earlier told,a movie differs for each person except the movie name and characters due to differences in opinion.This is not a review of the movie in any way,instead this is what I felt after watching the movie.I go up with a 2.5/5 and it is a one time watchable one considering the loads of craps that are releasing during these days.

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