Thursday, 2 January 2014


77.OUT OF THE FURNACE(ENGLISH,2013),|Thriller|Crime|,Dir:-Scott Cooper,*ing:-Christian Bale,Woody Harelson,Casey Affleck,William Dafoe

2013 came to an end with two anticipated flicks of Christian Bale.A make-over character in American Hustle with big belly and bald head and a crime thriller Out of the Furnace.But in Out of the Furnace,a movie with huge star cast the character of Harlan DeGroat bagged all the appreciation for his cruel bad guy role who was fond of money and drugs.Harlan Degroat was played by Woody Harrelson.The villain was tough,a cheater and a person who lives his life for his own pleasures.A movie which have Leonardo DiCaprio as one of the producers the whole crew was filled with shining stars of the silver screen.A Scott Cooper directed movie have all the elements except a well built story.But the high performances in acting,music,direction,camera and screenplay overthrew the possibility of this movie to become a bad flick.

     The movie is about the story of a group of people living in Rust belt,a place down by financial crisis.Most of the people there depends on a mill for a living.Russel Baze(Christian Bale) enacted the role of an elder brother who worked in the mill to make a living like his father.He had a brother Rodney Baze who was interested in making money the easy way.For that he had a debt to pay to John Petty (William Dafoe) a local money lender.Due to an accident which killed people,Russel Baze was sent to the prison.But things changed for him in the prison.His girl friend Lena(Zoe)left him and his dad died due to illness.meantime,Rodney went for military outing in Iraq.When Russel was released,Rodney went to welcome him.Russel,when he knew that his life was miserable,started to work again in the mill.But Rodney now had a huge amount to pay back ,yet he insisted himself not going for work in the mill.he wanted to live an expensive life for himself.So he started to go for knuckle fights where money would be paid for losing if a deal was made on it.To get more money,Rodney now wanted to be in higher arena with the help of john petty so that he could pay the debts easily.For that they wanted to meet a monster.But Rodney and John Petty never returned.What would have happened to them?To know more,watch the movie.

  This movie don't have the high twists and turns to baffle the audience.But it was having life of the people of an under developed region in America and lives of people who were having colorless views on future.Even the region enacted as a character in the movie along with mill.A group of people who are living in a place where they couldn't depend on law for their life keeping.This story cites the bond of relation between father,son,brother and all in a decent manner.Though much of heroic deeds Russel Baze had strength in his character so as the other characters.I rate it as a 7/10 for the movie and mostly for the acting.

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