Monday, 30 December 2013

75.RUSH (ENGLISH,2013)

75.RUSH(ENGLISH,2013),|Sports|Action|Biography|,Dir:-Ron Howard,*ing:-Daniel BrühlChris Hemsworth
   Rush-I am sure this is one of the most anticipated movie of the year for so many like me.Yes,I was expecting this movie when I heard about the movie plot.I missed it in theaters.So my next choice was to watch it from torrent downloads.At last a decent print came out.I had very bad cam prints with me before that.Anyways,I watched the movie at last.The good news was that I wasn't disappointed a bit watching the movie.The movie was racy,thrilling,adrenaline pumping and to the peak it was excellent.For a noceur like me this movie filled all my night with two plus hours of watching.

 Now coming to the movie,this movie is about the legendary rival between the greats of F1 racing,Nikki Lauda,the Austrian and James Hunt,the English.Their rivalry was well celebrated by the medias of 70's.their rivalry was very special.This movie peeps into the actual relation between the great drivers ever produced in F1 racing due to their extremes in character.Both Lauda and James were from the top families in their respective countries.But both of them were not provided help by their families to realize their biggest dream-to be the world champion of the speed.So they came into the arena by their own terms..In terms of character,Lauda was professional,a sharp automobile  engineer and a man who cared about personal relations.He always calculated what he was going to achieve through his deeds.He even said that he could afford a 20 % risk in terms of  risk he could afford in racing  circuits.He loved a woman and married her lately and always wanted to be her.In short,Lauda made his decisions on behalf of his brains.But james Hunt on the other side was extremely different.He was a playboy to describe him in short.He had women all over his life.He enjoyed his life.He enjoyed his success and was desperate in his loses.He always cared for him.thus,even his married life was a nightmare.James Hunt was a man who followed his heart rather than brains.

Their rivalry started during their F3 circuit when a dangerous move from Hunt made Lauda be on the losing side.This continued to the F1 circuit where Lauda became the world champion in the first year.this made James Hunt angry and decided to win the next season.But that season was followed up by winnings for Lauda at start.Can James Hunt bounce back and realize his dream?Sorry.this is not the rest of the story.The story is much more deep than we think.Rather than their rivalry they had a strong bond between them which was known only to them.They might be enemies.But they couldn't afford anyone between them.Thus it was a celebrated rivalry that medias brought to us.But the movie speaks more of their personal relations.Even when one had a bad time,the other felt bad on that and they tried to compliment each other in their own way.There was no much element of surprise in this movie if we watch the movie after reading what had happened.But the way the actors enacted it,it was amazing at least for me.

  Now with the crew,with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl (Goodbye Lenin) as Nikki Lauda,the characters were in right hands.Nothing to speak about the ace director Ron Howard(A beautiful Mind,Cinderella man,Da Vinci Code etc) to be the captain of the ship with Hans Zimmer's music was the anchorman.The crew was amazing .This movie didn't give me a single minute of boredom while watching.Watch the movie full.Hope many of you like it.Since,this movie was up to my hopes,I rate it as a 9/10!!

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